TV Review HBO Max’s Season 2 ‘The Flight Attendant’

Cassie (Kaley Cuoco), now aware and Moon as a CIA asset, trying to complete the murder involving his mysterious doppelgänger in the new thriller series.

Cassie Bowden (Kaley Cuoco) that we met at the start of the second season of the flight attendant (on HBO Max), was very sharp, not Cassie that we knew in the first. Through a single vodka service bottle and a blackout hookup; Cassie is aware (coming all year old!), Enjoying a stable relationship with a good man (Santiago Cabrera) and destroys it in a double work as a Stewardess and CIA CIA CIA assets.

But as is known by anyone who has made a drastic life change, the idea of ​​you who are completely new are fake people. Cassie might have stopped drinking but, when she realized disappointed, she was still impulsive and Cassie who tended to be intrigue. Likewise, flight attendants may begin to be fresh with new material (after using the plot of the novel Chris Bohjalian for the first season), but it is still a delicious mixture of pulse sensations, sharp comedy razor and shocking psychological drama that roasted fat meat and fat Surprisingly, the fat meat is ripe.

It takes less than one episode for Cassie to see what is described by BFF Annie (Zosia Mamet) as “Perfect Life, I-Have-Vegetables-in-the-Fridge” is fascinated. Literally: While eroding the target in Berlin, Cassie watched him dead in a fiery explosion -API which was officially blamed on the wrong gas line, but Cassie was definitely the result of the bomb. Even more worrying, seems to be planted by a woman who has a striking similarity with Cassie, to the tattoo of moths on her shoulder. Naturally, the incident sent Cassie scrambling to resolve the case before he was framed (or worse), which in turn threatened to get rid of the white-lining balance of his free lives.

As in the first season, the flight attendant accepted Daredevil’s pleasure in seeing how close it could be a chaos without really losing control. The intensity of the storyline will be called early on and stay there, with Cassie exploded in Los Angeles or going to Reykjavik to find instructions while trying to avoid notification of CIA, fellow airlines, fellow AA members and their protective protective, fellow AA and protective Too protective brother, Davey (T.R. Knight). Meanwhile, the stress of the mission forced him to face a devil who could not even refrain – here represented by another version of Cassie who was tempting, scolding or mocking him from the lobby of the imaginary hotel in Cassie’s mind.

Tension is cut with a biting sense of humor, delivered through dialogue that emerges with personality. His secret comedy weapons continue to be Annie Mamet, who responded to everything starting from Cassie revealed that she was in the CIA to the interviewer’s question about the extra-legal assignment in the previous position with the same faint disgust. Like a true New York, Annie keeps some of her best thorns for Cassie’s new hometown: “L.A. Like someone who painted the coffin of happy colors, “he sniffed for his fiancée Max (Deniz Akdeniz), he was an original Angeleno who wanted to return.

This other joke aims for himself, like when by winking his eyes calling the Deus-Ex-Machina twist before the audience has time to start moaning about it. The central mystery of this season is a life or death problem for Cassie, who compulsively lowered the hot tamale boxes as he used to throw back liquor bottles, but the flight attendant did not consider himself very serious. If it is sweeter to send Cassie on a mission with a large red coat than a large red coat than being separated, or more comfortable narratively to ask Cassie to reject common sense in pursuing her own complicated plans, half of it, that is the route seen by aviation officers. Will leave, rationality or “realism” cursed.

Given the number of plates that have been played by flight attendants in the air at a certain time, it is almost not surprising that the balance staggered from time to time. Some of its ongoing plots tend to be lost in the shuffle – the most terrible, the plot of North Korea involving Megan (Rosie Perez), which is even more absent in the second season than in the first season. (Ironic, considering he explained that he did what he did because he wanted to be “seen.”) His arc was positioned as an awkward circular way of the main plot rather than the integral component of it, at least six episodes (of eight) were sent to criticism.

And perhaps it’s actually a testament to the flight attendant’s writing team – LED by showrunners Steve Yockey and Natalie Chaidez – that I Kept Finding Myself Dispabled not to spend more time with their new supporting work Prone to the Shohreh Aghdashloo disaster. As for the most beautiful new cast of this season: Sharon Stone appeared as Ms. Cassie in just one episode that I had seen, but the complex and contradictory emotional appearance made all the limited screen time she got.

Whatever the weaknesses of the event, they are far greater than their strength between them cuoco, who must throw themselves not only to the mental condition of Cassie-Mil-A minutes but also to all other Cassies who incite them. His ability to distinguish between them while looking after all the same people is sufficient achievement, and put it there with Diane Diane Guerrero and Orphan Black’s Maslany in the ranks of actors who have stunning chemistry with themselves.

Their conversation became Cassie’s internal monologue. How dizzy and ridiculous to the flight attendant, it is completely sincere in the exploration of Cassie’s emotional trunk, and his conversation with him becomes increasingly bruised when his journey continues: “When you are here, why don’t you do something useful and dig a hole for yourself? “One hissed while Cassie stood on the grave at the end of the season. Stewardess, like a single spring drunk woman, admitted that the end of the days of drinking Cassie was only the beginning of her journey, and that the lowest time could come once the numb alcohol fog had been cleaned.

At the end of the flight attendant’s first season, this series seems to be in danger to become a victim of its own success. The quality that is addictive and fun from the crowd makes the update feel like no-brainer, but this season is also so satisfying that the follow-up seems unnecessary, or even advised to reach the same highest that seems doubtful in the best. But the most impressive tricks drawn by shows are the same in both seasons. Even when Cassie lost her grip, the series never did it.

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